Monday, April 20, 2009

Get the Point?

There is not much better than a dog on point, especially when that dog happens to be a yellow dog. Here's the yellow dog doing what she was born to do - pointing a bird at the base of that small tree. You can't see the bird (neither could the dog), but her awesome nose let us all know to get ready, because something was definitely there.

Pointing labs are not common. While there are breeders out there that try to breed for the trait, there are no guarantees that a lab will point. Likewise, even if that trait exists, some breeders see pointing in Labradors as something that eats away at their aggressiveness, and attempt to train it out of them.

Personally, I love a pointing lab. It affords the hunter the opportunity to get in the best position possible before the dog goes in for the flush. Likewise, there is something really fun about knowing that there is a bird just yards in front of the dog's nose.

I'm very lucky that both of my dogs were incredible pointers, and also incredible hunters. The fun I've had in the field via their work is immeasurable.

We close with the remnants of the last act of defiance of a flushed rooster. If you look at the yellow dog's coat in this photo, you'll see that, indeed, a flushing bird pooped on her before being shot and retrieved. While ultimately not an effective tactic, you have to admire the attitude of that bird.

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