Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Trump Owns State of the Union

Trump stayed on script and delivered one of the best state of the union speeches since Reagan.  It really was that great.  It celebrated the country, took credit for the good works the administration had done, and laid down markers for where we were heading.  It was a conservative anthem we haven't heard since the 1980's.


And what did the Democrats have to offer?  Frowns.  Sitting through the lowest historic unemployment rate for blacks.  Running out of the room because someone dared chanted "USA!"  Then throwing out a Kennedy (holy crap, I'm not kidding) who looked like he just left from the beer pong table to scold us for our "hate" and regale us with stories of worried parents of tranny kids.  

Seriously.  Watch this kid get touted as a presidential candidate because the cupboard is truly that bare as it pertains to any kind of talent with a (D) behind it.  

That is what liberalism offers in the era of Trump.  If they continue to be a party without ideas, one that only offers hate of the opposition, and one that only panders to the very fringes, Trump wins 2020 in a romp, because that is EXACTLY why he won in 2016.

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  1. he didn't talk about how they're turning the frogs gay tho...


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