Monday, January 22, 2018

Another Chapter in Vikings Playoff Heartache

As a Vikings fan, I knew what the history was.  However, this year seemed different.  The stadium.  The skol chant.  The Case Keenum article.  The Minneapolis Miracle.  The chance to be the first team to play the Super Bowl on their home field.

It all seemed different.  Around the state it felt like 1987 or 1991 with the Twins.  There was a vibe.  

And then, going into Philadelphia as 3 point favorites, we were crushed 38-7 in a game that wasn't close after the first quarter.  We were outmatched, outcoached, and outexecuted.  It was yet another chapter of Vikings playoff heartache.

Where does it rank?  Let's see:

7) 2016 Blair Walsh misses a 27 yard chip shot
6) 1988 The Darrin Nelson drop at the goal line
5) 2017 The Philly massacre
4) 2001 One of the greatest Vikings teams of all times loses 41 - doughnut in New York
3) 2010 Brett Favre is targeted and battered by a cheating New Orleans defense
2) 1998 Gary Anderson's miss after being perfect all season
1) 1975 and Drew Pearson's push-off.  Of course.

Top five - that's not bad.

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