Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Left and Islam

In Iran, there are currently protests against an oppressive Islamic regime.  How oppressive?  This woman dared remove her hajib, and was likely arrested for her "crime:"

This is Islam's version of Rosa Parks.  Seriously.  This woman could have been killed for this protest, and very well might have.  Killed for showing her face in public (it is 2018 - how the hell is this even possible?)  However, over here in the West, our enlightened betters see the hajib as something to be celebrated.  Remember hajib Barbie?

Why oh why does the Left hitch its wagon to a movement that is so overtly anti-woman and anti-gay?  It is so contrary to everything that they claim they stand for, yet their support, be it immigration policy, cultural agenda, or whatever, is unwavering.  Why is this?  I have a couple of theories:

  • The Left hates the West.  It believes that the ills of our world have been caused by a xenophobic, criminal, and a hostile subjugation of the world by western culture.  Since Islam hates the West more than anyone else, the enemy of my enemy...
  • The Left also hates Christianity, to its core.  It believes that Christianity has caused far more ills than it has solved, and is more than happy to continually bleat about the crusades or abuses by priests or some other wrong committed by Christianity.  Likewise, the Left considers those that practice religion as ignorant - belief in "an invisible spaghetti monster."  Since Islam hates Christians second only to its hatred of Jews, they're again the enemy of my enemy.  Despite their belief in "an invisible spaghetti monster."
  • The Left hates Jews.  Not the Jews that are just "cultural" (which are almost universally Democrats).  No, the Jews that actually practice their religion, and especially those Jews that dare live in Isreal.  Indeed, the sole example of capitalism and freedom in the Middle East is deemed by the Left to be the most oppressive and criminal regime on our globe.  So, again, the enemy of my enemy...
The Left considers itself the "tolerant" portion of the political spectrum.  Hardly.  Their hatred of the West and of Christianity have developed a blind eye to the most brutal, oppressive, backward, and intolerant culture and religion currently on the face of the earth.    

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  1. The best way of understanding the left is from an aggressor/victim paradigm. I first came to this conclusion trying to figure out why devoted Leftists support the PLO and despise the Israelis.

    They see the PLO as the victims of Israeli aggression. Therefore, they reject the most progressive government on the face of the earth to support a backwards people that stand against everything the Left claims to support.

    The outcome of this is that the victims can do no wrong and the aggressors an do no right.

    In this case, they see the United States and Israel as the aggressors and the Muslim states as the victims.


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