Sunday, January 14, 2018

End the Suffering

I have been a Minnesota sports fan my entire life.  I've seen a vast swath of championship performance:

  • I've seen the Twins win two World Series and celebrated the second one at Bullwinkles on Seven Corners.  When Larkin hit that ball, the place went absolutely ape.  It remains my happiest sports moment of all time.
  • I've seen the Met host a Stanley Cup final, but I did leave the game early as I couldn't bring myself to watch Lemieux skate around my beloved ice holding the cup over the Stars' heads.
  • I enjoyed the dominance of Gopher hockey and watched it parlayed into a gold medal for the USA when, as a country, we desperately needed it.  I've then watched them parachute to hockey irrelevance.
  • I've hopped around my living room, watching SJU on ESPN winning one of its myriad NCAA D3 Championships.
  • I've watched too many talented Gopher basketball teams content to win NIT championships.
  • I've watched the Wild be happy about making the playoffs, and then get thumped by a clearly more talented team. 
  • I've watched the Gopher football team consistently suck, and happy to make it to lower-tier bowls.
  • I've watched great Vikings teams - truly great by any measure - lose in the playoffs or in the Super Bowl.
Of all the highs and lows, the only thing I truly care about anymore is the last bullet.  I'm tired of feeling like this team has a curse.  I'm tired of having some incredible teams and having nothing at all to show for it.  I'm tired of having to put up with the jokes and ridicule.

As it comes to sports, I've seriously never wanted something more in all my life.

Come on, Vikings.  It starts today.  End the suffering.


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