Monday, April 3, 2017

Wood Duck House Cleaning

This past weekend, Fuzzy and I opened up the duck camp.  We found a mess, and spent most of our time cleaning it up, which likely wasn't a bad thing as it kept us from our usual sloth, TV viewing, beer drinking, and overall debauchery.

One of the things we did is an annual cleaning of all of the wood duck boxes we have on the property.  We had 19 out there in total, and after inspection, found 7 had hatched broods.  Two looked like they may have been visited by predators, so that my have cut into our total, but still, not a bad .368 average.

We also placed another one, giving us an even 20 for the property.

Given the broods raised and the ducks bagged, it's pretty clear that we're raising far more birds than we're harvesting.

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