Monday, April 17, 2017

The Latest Weird Thing Stuck in My Head

I have a really weird memory.  Mrs. YDP constantly asks how in the world I know what I know. It is really great for trivia contests. But beyond facts and figures, other things that are stuck up there are unfortunate things like advertising jingles from the 70's, one-hit wonder songs, and intricately clear memories of just about every time in my life in which I hurt others. 

I thought I might share some of what is currently rolling around.  Growing up, I loved All Star Wrestling.  While the action was some spotty (Kenny "Sodbuster" Jay was ALWAYS going to get his ass kicked), the personalities were fantastic, as were the advertisers.

One such advertiser was Otto Blihovde.  Who is this Otto Blihovde, you might ask?   Well, let's just take a little trip to Michigan (or North or South Dakota) and find out:

Just like lutefisk, Otto is an acquired taste.  That being said, I can pretty much guarantee he sold thousands of albums advertising on wrestling in the 1970's in Minnesota.

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