Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I Make Them Proud?

As part of my leaving, I was in touch with my alma mater about potentially spending some of my advertising with them; likely as part of a stadium signage package.  Other priorities got in front of it, and I ran out of time to pull it all together, hence I needed to reach out to my contact there and let him know that a deal wouldn’t be in the offing prior to my leaving the company.

He handled the news really well and totally understood the circumstance.  When then talked about my new opportunity – where it was and what I’d be doing.  He was quite aware of the company as it is run by two alumni, and he had nothing but great things to say all the way around.

We finished up our conversation by him wishing me the best on the new opportunity and thanking me for considering them for the opportunity.  He then closed with, “You make us proud.”


My whole life I’ve been very proud of my school.  Just about everything about it I admire.  More than anything else it probably molded me into the man I am today, hence I hold it in high regard.  But to hear it turned around, and to hear them say that I made them proud, well that was just wonderful to hear.

I know I was getting sales guy talk, and I shouldn’t read too much into it, still it made me feel incredibly good, especially as I step into a new direction.

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