Sunday, March 26, 2017

Wild Slide

After being one of the most dominant teams in the NHL for most of the season, the Wild have been in an absolute tailspin; losing 9 of their past 11 games.  Their losses haven't been flukes - they suck across all aspects of the game.

The most noticeable part of their poor game is their distinct lack of hustle.  This team got where it did via its speed and positioning.  Now, they're not fighting for pucks and they're easily shoved out from in front of the net.  It is gutless, ugly play.

They did enough early in the year to clinch a playoff birth last night, despite a brutal 4-2 loss against a poor Vancouver team, but make no mistake, without an 180-degree change, this team is going the way of the Gopher basketball and hockey teams and will be one and done in the post season.


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