Friday, March 31, 2017

Chanhassen Principal - 10 More Counts of Child Porn

In Fuzzy's home town, the StarTribune is reporting that the former high school principal has been charged with an additional 10 counts of possessing child porn.  This highlights yet another example where teachers sure appear to be the leading sexual predators.

I'm creating a new label for these on this blog, as they need to be highlighted.  This is happening way, way too often.

Also, last week the StarTribune ran an article related to priest sexual abuse of a child, but they just so happened to leave the comments section up.  One could imagine what kind of comments it solicited.  

Funny, in all their stories of teachers abusing kids, I've never seen a comment section allowed.  Not once.

I pointed that out (via a comment) and lo and behold, the comment section disappeared.  Still, their bias was, and continues to be, obvious.

Note, I condone none of this.  Any person that sexualizes a child deserves more than I could ever describe here.  But let's not protect a profession that we hold on a pedestal while treating the church as a bastion of abuse.  

It's not.  

Schools?  I'm not sure... 

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