Friday, March 17, 2017

These Breeks are Made for Walkin'

Every year, I wore traditional breeks to work on St. Patrick's Day to help celebrate the feast of my patron saint and to allow me to get to the bar without stopping at home to change clothes.  At every place that I worked, my regalia was welcomed and appreciated.

Not at the current gig.  That's not "our way."

There, we dress for success.  That means business casual every day.  Despite the fact that we work for a farm store.  And despite the fact that we work in a facility that is an abject dump.  One in which paying for spy cameras is a smart expense, but having clean urinals is not.

So now I'm leaving.  I could push it and wear the breeks anyway, and likely get perp-walked out of the building.  However, I only have a week to go, so I'll just head home after work, change clothes, and hit the bar with little delay.

However, I can promise you this: as sure as my thirst will be quenched by ample pints of Guinness this day, I will never, ever work at a place that won't appreciate my heritage, my breeks, and me.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone.

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