Monday, March 13, 2017

Courage or Faith?

There come times in all of our lives in which we need to take a bold step.  With it comes discomfort, ambiguity, risk, or pain, but it is still a move that needs to be made.  We know it.  It's time.

When we're faced with this fork in the path, there are two ways we can take it - we can either buck up with courage that we're doing the right thing, or we can have faith that there is Someone that has our backs and will be making sure that things work out.  The prior requires a firm grip on the handles of the roller coaster and concentration on what is coming next on the tracks.  The latter affords us the ability to loosen our grip, and actually be able to look around and marvel at what is flashing past us.

While it is surely possible to have both courage and faith, it is also easier to do so if faith is steadfastly present.  Likewise, I'd argue that when one has faith, courage is actually replaced with confidence.

Courage or faith?  It's up to us to decide.  Ultimately, when we're at these tough spots, my wish for all of us that we have the courage to have faith.

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