Tuesday, March 28, 2017

First Day Recap

Not sure how things could have gone much better for my first day at work.  Here are the activities of note:

  • My agenda was full all day, as it is for most of the week.  I've already got a lot to do, and I won't even be able to get to the work part until late today because...
  • My time has been spent in orientation.  It's incredibly thorough, and has already provided me a deep understanding of the company.
  • Even lunch was choreographed, and I had a lunch date with my boss and other leaders.
  • Speaking of my boss, she picked me up at 5 and drove me around town; pointing out things to know and places to go.
  • I was then taken to dinner by her and other leaders.
My day ended with one of the CEOs shooting me an email at 7 last night, confirming something we had been discussing earlier and reiterating to me how great it was to have me on their team.

I know I'm only a day into it, but after a couple of cultural nightmares in my past, this sure feels good. 

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