Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Vote for Hillary, Because Gay

Yesterday's installment wasn't good enough for you?  Here's a brand new reason to vote for Hillary.  She stands for gays!  Now, you could kindly forget that her position on that changed about two years ago, but she't got your back now, by golly!

The compelling reasons for voting for this candidate - the economy, national security, race relations, jobs - all of that is just so mundane.  I mean, diversity trumps all that, amiright?

Oops, did I just type "Trump?"

What ticks me off is the obvious - nobody is for discrimination of anybody.  But that is what is being alluded to in this video.  Either you're for Hillary, because she's worried about the 2 transexuals that want to change their gender on their passport, or you're a bigot.

Likewise, the gratuitous shots of the couples kissing is just tolling for evangelical outrage.

Hillary brings nothing to the leadership table.  Except, of course, demagoguery.  

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