Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Europe Needs to Educate Muslim Migrants Not to Rape

A recent news article described the difficulty European societies are having keeping their women safe from newly arrived Muslim migrants.  The news source? No, not some right wing rag.  It's the Old Grey Lady herself.  

It seems these guys move into town, catch glimpses of women in mini-skirts, and it makes their sexually oppressed blood boil.  You see, in their country, the only women wearing skimpy clothes, drinking alcohol, and kissing in public are prostitutes.  Every other woman is covered head to toe.  So, naturally (as the story alludes), once these guys see western women, they undoubtedly want to rape them.

Hence the need to set up classes to educate them that raping women is bad.

It has been previously said that the Left in general and the media in particular have bent over backwards to excuse the behavior of Muslims.  This article takes it to a whole new level.

At its core it seems to say, "While we love your cultural differences, your brutalization of women (while more than fine in your old country, mind you!) just doesn't work here, OK?  So if you would be so kind and just forget decades of what has been drummed into your head and treat women as your equal that would be great.  Oh, and by the way, that means abstaining from raping them, OK?  That'd be great.  Thanks, and welcome to your new home!" 

You need to read this article.  After you finish you need to pray - for the women of Europe, but more so for the women of Islam who live with this brutality every stinking day.

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