Friday, December 4, 2015

Obama is Wrong

The terrorist attack in California has proved Obama wrong multiple times in just the past couple of weeks.  Consider:

  • Obama chided Americans for being fearful of welcoming in Islamic refugees
  • Claimed that climate change is our biggest threat
  • Exclaimed that gun killings only happen in the US (see yesterday's post)
  • “The American people should feel confident that we’re going to be able to defend ourselves and make sure that we have a good holiday season and go about our lives” 
  • "We've got to do something about guns" followed quickly by a claim (a hope?) that this might be a case of "workplace violence." 
The Democrats can try to spin this all they want.  They can try and use this as a cudgel to bring about gun banning (never mind the pipe bomb factory Ma and Pa Jihad had in their kitchen).  The bottom line is their policies of open borders, immigration, racial grievance, cop-bashing, and political correctness are truly killing us.

This is not the last event.  More people will be killed.  Americans are fearful.  They should be.  And the Democrats are to blame, because they're flat out wrong.

Starting with Obama.  

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