Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve

How unique that Christmas, of all the days and celebrations, has the day before specifically called out.  Oh, sure, New Year's Eve has that distinction as well, but I'd argue that's because so many folks use the last moments of that day to ring in the new year.

Why is that?

Perhaps it's because we've waited so long for Christmas.  We've made it through Advent, sure.  But much more than that; we've slogged through a dark and dreary world.  We've been weighed down by material things, by how poorly we treat each other, by sin.  We've lost our patience, and in some instances our faith, and even our hope.

The promise of Christmas breaks all of that.  The birth of a Savior shows how much God really loves us, and how He wants to be reconciled with us.  It shows how much we matter to Him - each of us, regardless of how we perceive our worth.  Jesus was born for us.

Maybe that's how the whole Eve thing got started: we just can't wait anymore.  With good reason.  In a world where it appears evil is winning and expanding, we're tired, drowning, and afraid.

Christmas reminds us so manifestly of the glory of Christ being with us, our Emanuel, reminds us that we are not alone.  Love wins.  Love always wins.  Celebrating this a day early seems understandable.

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