Thursday, October 22, 2015

What the Hell Happened to Paul Ryan?

Five years ago, if you would have said to me that Paul Ryan had a clear pathway to the Speakership of the House, I would have done handstands.  The young, intelligent, vigilant  pol was someone that I greatly admired.  He was principled, tough, and knew economics unlike any other in Washington.  He seemed to be the only one that cared about the Ponzi scheme that is the US economy and that cared about the waste and abuse that propagated it.

He was a breath of fresh air in the otherwise stifling smog that is our nation's capital.  

He then joined Mitt Romney as a VP candidate for that fateful election run, and was summarily destroyed by Obama.

He then fell off the face of the map, only to pop up years later as the only person that might be able to take over the position vacated by John Boehner.  He's met that call to draft him with a tepid response.  Not fire, not leadership, not vision, not drive.  No, he met it with a "gee, I don't know," and a bunch of requests.

I miss the man that spoke to the IRS like this, and I wonder what the hell happened to him:

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