Wednesday, October 7, 2015

ThinOptics - Always Have a Pair of Cheaters Handy

There is a lot about getting old that flat out sucks.  Personally, my biggest challenge is not being able to see anymore.  Prior to three years ago, I could read anything.  I'd laugh at the smallest legalese on a page, and scoff at 6 point font financials.  And then, out of the blue, somebody hit a switch and I can no longer see a damn thing.

I mean nothing.  Computer screens, iPhones, menus. I was helpless without a pair of cheaters, and since they're inconvenient to have around, that meant I was often helpless.  It got to the point where I made my wife carry around a pair for me in her purse.  It sucked.

Then I found these little beauties, and my life was suddenly made more convenient (and clear):

In 2015, we are never without our phones.  Now, with ThinOptics, if you have your phone, you have your cheaters as well.

The person that invented this deserves a Nobel prize for making aging easier or something.  They're incredible, and have the YDP Seal of Goodness.

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