Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Death of the President

As we approach the election, something has become increasingly clear: The concept of the president as being better than us - no, the best of us - that concept is dead.

A simple perusal of candidates on the both sides of the aisle belie the truth, and that is we have a choice of increasingly repugnant people that we'll be selecting to run our country. 
These are people that are flawed, that lack intelligence, that aren't appreciably better than you or I.

It used to be that the president was something to be respected.  That the person that held the office did so because they commanded respect due to their massive role and their obvious credentials.  However, now we elect our officials based on how they can dance on talk shows and based on the wittiness of their Tweets.  Literally.

When that's the bar that get set, it looks pretty approachable.  The obvious conclusion is that the people running for office aren't special, or smart, or better.  They're just better at raising money, and in cramming something droll into 140 characters.

Never in my life have I harbored so much pessimism for our country and our future.  Our "leaders" are truly that bad.


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