Monday, October 12, 2015

Peeple - The Gossip/Bullying App

Innocuously dubbed "the Yelp for people," long rumored (but yet unreleased) app is raising a stink in the internet world.  Why the issue?  The concern stems from the app's ability for users to "rate" people, and to do so anonymously.

Ex-girlfriend wants to share intimate details?  Fair game.  Psycho ex-boss wants to kill your future employment chances?  All good.  Tip a waiter too little?  The world needs to know.

There is so much that is wrong with this. 

There is a lot that the internet provides us - productivity, knowledge, opportunity.  It truly is a wonder.  But it also has a dark side, and that darkness is vast and deep abyss.  Peeple is just another example of that dark side.  While it's not as obviously and overtly evil as much that is out there, there is no question that this app will not be used for good, and will ultimately deliver much suffering.

A world without this is not such a bad idea.    

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