Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Twins Season Over Before it Starts?

In a turn of events that seems only all too common for Minnesota sports fans, the Minnesota Twins' top free agent signing for the year and our #2 starter Ervin Santana has been suspended by MLB for testing positive for a "performance enhancer."  

The punishment?  80 games.

The loss is substantive across multiple fronts:

  • Santana is an innings-eater, and without him every 5 games our shaky bullpen will be subjected to exposure.
  • Santana was touted as a "good clubhouse guy," and for a franchise of up-and-coming stars, was deemed to be someone to set a good example.  All of that is obviously out of the window right now.
  • Santana is a lying scum.  He claims to not know how he ever came into contact with the Stanozol for which he tested positive.  It's not found in any supplements or natural food groups.  He must have got it from the toilet seat.
  • Instead of starting the year with the usual optimism reserved for opening day, the Twins now start with a black cloud, and while that cloud usually arrives by May, as Twins fans we get cheated out of a good month of thinking, "Maybe we can just get lucky and keep it close..."
Not a good way to start what will arguably be a very long and lackluster season.  Still, that season started yesterday, and at least for the next couple of hours or so, we're just one game out of first.

Go Twins!

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