Thursday, April 30, 2015

Black Lives Matter? Prove It

For too long now, we as a society have stood and watched the rioting and wanton rage as some feel that cops are killing far too many black men.  Indeed, the hashtag and chant of "Black Lives Matter" has echoed just about everywhere.

But that's the problem.  It is just a slogan.

You really think black lives matter, do you?  How about holding a march against inner-city schools that have failed at least three different generations of black youth?  How about the same rally rising up against black culture which looks at the blacks that actually do educate themselves as being "too white?"

Don't want to tackle education?  Well then, how about marching through the streets demanding that every black biological father step up and really be a "father" in every sense of the word to their children?

Too hard?  Well then, how about rising up and driving out the criminal element out of black communities?  You know the one - they're black themselves, and they kill other blacks at a number that would make a racist cop drool.  Thousands.  Every year.  Unfortunately, the glorification of the gangster culture combined with abject intimidation ("snitches get stitches") keep the black population cowed into complacency and awaiting their next victim episode.

Black lives matter?  BS.  If it did, you'd actually DO SOMETHING to improve black lives.

No, black lives don't matter.  It appears rioting does.

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