Monday, April 20, 2015

"The Covered Girl Challenge"

A high school principal in Ohio has cancelled a planned day for girls to wear a hijab to school.  

No, I'm not making this up.

In a desire to show solidarity with Muslim students in her school, principal Mindy McCarthy-Stewart hatched a plan to have her female students cover themselves for a day.  Dubbed "The Covered Girl Challenge," it took political correctness to a brand new high.  

This is absolutely astonishing to me.  In a year where we have a woman running for President of the United States comes an idea so repugnant to woman's rights that it takes them back hundreds of years.  Here's some insight: Islam DEMANDS women cover themselves.  Those that do not are at best ostracized, and at worst tortured and murdered.

Read that again - tortured and murdered for not covering themselves up.

In what kind of Liberal fairyland does one need to exist to divorce oneself of basic understanding and reason?  She's basically looking to eradicate intolerance by adopting a practice of a religion that is, at its core, intolerant.   

I guess we should be happy that Ms. McCarthy-Stewart didn't come up with "honor killing" or "genital mutilation" day.  

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