Monday, April 13, 2015

Amazon Dash - Another Step Ahead

I've been in the retail space for 20 years now, and regardless of where I was or what we were selling, I've had my eye on Amazon.  With good reason: at just under $90 billion in sales, Amazon is larger than the next ten biggest retailers, combined.

Amazon has always been on the forefront and pushing the technology envelope.  As such, things they've pioneered - product reviews, expedited shipping, free shipping, plus too many navigation and format changes to mention - have absolutely changed the way the people buy products online.

When you consider their size and innovation, you'd think the gap would have to close between them and their competition.  You'd think wrong.  Programs like their massively popular Prime membership to delivery via drones are opening their lead.  

Here's another solution that will increase the gap - Amazon Dash:

Crazy brilliant stuff from Seattle.  Again.

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