Friday, April 3, 2015

Indiana and Being Gayer than Thou

It has been astonishing to see the gyrations coming out of Indiana and their recent legislation.  The perceived slight to the LGBT community has come at a massive cost as folks rush to appear holier than thou (gayer than thou?) and condemn/boycott/troll the entire state.

And woe be to you if you happen to have a religious belief that, when presented with a hypothetical question about if you'd cater a gay wedding, has you elicit the WRONG ANSWER.  When that happens, you will be forced out of business, and your life ruined.  Because bullying, which is usually bad, is really good when it is necessary to get conformity of thought THE RIGHT THOUGHT.

In the meantime, just a ten hour flight away, there is an entire society that beheads, persecutes, and throws homosexuals off of buildings (and if the homosexual does not die in the fall, they'll be stoned by the waiting crowd).  And if you're a company like Starbucks, you can have a presence in these nations and not face any kind of political blow back (and certainly not any efforts to drive you out of business) because, well, because Starbucks...

War on women, war on GLBT, "hands up, don't shoot," etc. - all of it is posturing for the 2016 elections.  It has nothing to do with actually making things better.  In fact, people don't want things to be better - if they did, we'd be in the Middle East liberating women, homosexuals, Christians, and others that are being butchered.

No, we're happy to kill off pizza restaurants and prove to each other that we really are gayer than thou.

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