Monday, March 23, 2015

Thoughts on Leaving the Republican Party

Glenn Beck made big news last week by ostensibly stating that he's taking his political football and going home, thus leaving the Republican party to the RINOS (Republican in Name Only) that appear to have taken over.  

Coward.  Idiot coward.

Politics in this day and age have razor thin margins.  If a voting group stays home, they have the ability to swing elections.  We've definitely seen that in the last two Presidential elections, where staunch evangelicals stayed home as a protest to McCain and Romney and ultimately handed Obama victory.  They actually felt that the country needed to learn a lesson, and the damage Obama wrought was necessary.

Cowards.  Idiot cowards.

How many people have been hurt by the Obama administration?  From Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal, decimation of US foreign policy, record numbers on food stamps and/or disability, and on and on.  This was "the lesson" we needed to learn?

Here's a note to those who are "more Conservative than thou:" What has happened to our country is not all Obama's fault.  You put him there, and these are your results.  You jeopardized our very livelihoods.  You.  Own it.

Cowards.  Idiot cowards. 

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