Friday, March 20, 2015

New Job

Yesterday I landed a new job.  Kind of.

The caveats:

  • It is with a two-person start-up.  I just increased their headcount by 50%
  • Since it is a start-up, they can't pay me a salary.  In exchange for my work, I'm granted a small (very small) equity stake
  • It is for a 120 day period.  
  • The only way I'll make any money on the engagement is if the company thrives enough that I can be brought in as a salaried employee, and/or if the equity becomes worth something
There is massive risk in this move.  It will suck my time an energy that could be used to search for a more traditional job.  Given the odds of start-ups, my prospects for a payout are incredibly small.  Resources in the job flat out don't exist.  It will be a tough road.

Despite the risks, there are upsides.  It is located in the Twin Cities, and gets us back home.  I'm going to learn a ton, augment my resume, and meet a number of influential people.  I can still look for a more traditional gig while taking care of business.  Lastly, I'll be working with people I want to work with.

After a long trip up the ladder, the end of the diving board is here.  Time to jump...

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