Friday, March 27, 2015

Suicide Pilot? How About a Murderer?

As more and more news comes forward on the Airbus A320 crash in the Alps, it becomes clear that the co-pilot meant to crash this plane.  It looked like a purposeful, conscious event.

The media has picked up on this, and has deemed the pilot as being bent on a suicide mission.  To that, I say "hogwash."  This was flat out mass murder.  

Life tough?  Want to off yourself?  I'd strongly encourage you not to, but ultimately the decision lies between you and your Maker.  But should you make that fateful decision, don't take dozens of innocent lives with you.  That just creates a massive ripple effect of depression, and you end up making things worse and not better.  Talk about irony.

Finally, and I don't mean to get preachy here, but here's a quick pop quiz for you: What was the mass murdering pilot likely NOT:

A) Atheist
B) Muslim 
C) Christian

Think about that.  Especially the next time you fly.

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