Sunday, March 1, 2015

Discovering Podcasts

With all of my travels of late, I've leveraged audio books to help make the time go by faster, and indeed, it is a great tonic for the beleaguered road traveler.  My latest book is Seth Godin's Leap First: Creating Work that Matters, and it has helped me to pass the time on a recent trip to a Kentucky quail hunt.

As good as the audio books have been, I've bumped into a new format that has me equally intrigued and entertained: podcasts.  The attached screen shot reflect two that currently have me involved.  Startup is a podcast about a start-up company that makes podcasts of all things, and Serial is about a recent murder case.  In both instances the podcasts are impeccably produced, informative, and incredibly entertaining.  And they make the long hours behind the wheel go by in a flash. 

I always felt that podcasts were for uber-geeks and uber-enthusiasts.   I now see my error, and have opened up an entire world of audio with which to interact.

Podcasts - who would have thought?

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