Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Left's Fear of Scott Walker

Upon conclusion of the recent episodes of "gotcha" questioning of Scott Walker from the media, the dutiful leftist media now pivots and reports things like "Scott Walker, God's Gift to the Democratic Party."

The demonization of someone who isn't even the party's standard barer is quite telling.  There's fear of Walker on the Left, and justifiably so.  Walker has won three elections for Governor in a Left-leaning state, and two of those were highly contested and featured massive amounts of out-of-state spending.  In essence, Walker has ostensibly already won two national elections.  Neither were nail-biters.  This guy has the bona fides  to be President, and the Left knows it.  Hence, the faithful attack dogs of the media are unleashed to kill his chances before they can get out of the crib.

Only one problem with all of that - the more Walker has been attacked, the more successful he's been in recent elections.  And if his opponent is really Hillary Clinton, well the script kind of writes itself, doesn't it?

All of this pointing and laughing at Walker is just whistling through the graveyard by the Left.  And based on Walker's recent performance, they should be nervous, indeed.

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