Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Bottom Line of Islam

Mass murder over cartoons.  A constant state of offense.  Oppression and brutality, especially for its women.  No room for questioning, debate, or analysis.  None.

Boil it all down and call it what it is - the bottom line of Islam in 2015: Submit, or die.  It truly is that simple.

And in the west, many leaders and most of our media dutifully do submit!  They fail to speak candidly about what is happening as they want to appear enlightened and/or they're flat out intimidated (most likely).  Don't believe me?  Just look at the vast swath of media outlets that refused to publish any images of Mohammed, even after 10 people we murdered for doing just that.  It was vital to the story, but the intimidated media was quickly cowed to not cover that part as it might offend.  We have to be considerate, right?

Cowards.  Cowards that have proved so useful to those that aspire to be their future overlords and oppressors.  Cowards that will one day have to decide to submit or die, not just on what they choose to publish, but on their very lives.  

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  1. The nail has been hit on the head with this article. After several sniper missions, I with great knowledge and truth can say that so many do not know the true depth and reality of this. Be aware of your enemy, know his every move. Once you begin to cower you have submitted your cover letter of who you are. When they see this they post this in all of their gathering areas for all to see. It creates motivation for their cause and gives way for others to join what may seem to be the winning side. I have seen these postings in camps.


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