Friday, January 2, 2015


2014 was a mess for me.  While we ended up being greatly blessed with how Mrs. YDP's cancer concluded, the year was all over the place.  Through nearly the entire year, I felt as if I was a small ship adrift on a raging ocean; unable to chart my course, and destined to end up on whatever shore to which I was pushed.

For someone like me that enjoys being in control, it was a humbling, haunting, and horrible year.  Time and again, I ended up throwing up my hands, looking toward heaven, and resigning myself to where I would be taken.  I did what I felt was best in order for me to survive my circumstances, and the fates had their way with me.  For nearly the whole damned year.


I'm making the call - 2015 is MY YEAR.  It is the year in which changes will come which will in turn impact how I live the rest of my life.  Change will come at work, how I live, how I interact with those whom I love, how I spend my time, and how I take care of myself.  And while I don't know exactly where the path will lead (ultimately, I know I am not in total control of that path), I do know that my path is going to change this year, and that I will accept my changes with a fervor and an optimism that I've never held before.

The storm has passed.  The skies have cleared.  The small ship in which I ride can be maneuvered, and I see stars to aid my navigation.  I have no idea on exactly which shores I will land, but I do know that I will land there, and that when I do, opportunity abounds.  

2015 is my year.  I'm putting it out there to the universe, to God, and to anyone else that will listen (especially myself):  2015 is MY YEAR.  

Godspeed to me.    

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