Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Louisiana Recap

For ten years my buddy Fuzzy and I have done a trip down to Louisiana in January to hunt with my cousins and assorted others.  Some years are very good, some are quiet, but hey, that's duck hunting for you.  

This year was a bit different.  Not only was it a big anniversary year, but Fuzzy and I also bolted on a bonus day (see, there ARE benefits to being unemployed).  Here are some of our better moments captured in photos:

Scouting on Wednesday, and seeing pretty good numbers of ducks.  The boys are optimistic

How committed is Fuzzy to camo?  He made sure he drank enough scotch the night before to ensure that his complexion blended into the surrounding green

Cousin Chris on our first day hunting, laughing at Weber

A nice duck strap for our first day, only to be outdone the next day...

...with a Louisiana limit of ducks!  Our best hunt ever.

Sunrise on day three.  Seeing sights like this is exactly why we're duck hunters

While we only got a few, Fuzzy shows off the size of this monster drake mallard

While our last day was a bust, it could not have been more comfortable.  Here's cousin Terry keeping an eye out.

Ten years!  I can't believe the fun we've had with each other - not only duck hunting, but at football games, weddings, funerals, dog exchanges, and various other impromptu get-togethers.  I'm so fortunate to have all of the these people in my life, and am a rich man indeed because of it. 

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