Monday, January 19, 2015

John Kerry Makes World Cringe

First, we can't be bothered to send any substantive representative to the Paris march in remembrance of those killed by Islam radicals.  Then, we send John Kerry over there, and his job was to offer France "a big hug."

I'm not kidding:


If that didn't emasculate our position enough, Kerry brought James Taylor out to sing "You've Got a Friend," complete with some incredibly awkward audio issues.

Again, I'm not kidding:

No, this is not a story from The Onion.  No, it is not a skit from Saturday Night Live, either.  This is liberalism, in all of its unadulterated form, on display for our friends and enemies alike to see.

And what has this wrought?  Laughs, scorn, and a massive amount of cringing.

I mean a massive amount of cringing.  Oy vey...

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