Sunday, October 12, 2014

Worry About Ebola Not Racism

There is a meme on the left, mostly an undercurrent but it has been more forthright, that concern over ebola is nothing but what the right is leveraging to disparage people that are black.  They think that the contagious nature of ebola has been extremely overstated, and all we need to do is temper our racist urges and not worry.

What utter hogwash.

If this contagion began in Paris, I'd be screaming for flights to be cancelled between here and France, and that all inbound passengers from French locales be thoroughly screened upon entering this country.  It has absolutely nothing to do with where it is coming from.  It has everything to do with the fact that it is a killer virus with no known cure.

We've seen this play before.  When AIDS first manifest itself, people needed to tread lightly on the subject as it was not politically correct to talk of how AIDS was transmitted, especially in certain communities.  The net result of such an environment was inactivity - nobody wants to be cast a homophobe, right? - and because of the inactivity, a lot of people died unnecessarily.   All due to political correctness.

We're in the same boat, albeit much more dangerous this time.  Now the virus is much more easily transmitted, and is much more deadly.  And yet we can't talk about any of it as it just shows how racist we still are.  

I fear the political correctness on this event is going to end up killing a awful lot of innocent citizens.


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