Monday, October 27, 2014

Hillary: "Businesses Don't Crate Jobs"

This is simply amazing.  You have to believe that she's not a dumb woman, and that she doesn't really believe the tripe she's spitting out to a sycophantic and ignorant audience.  But then again, go back to Obama's "you didn't build that," moment, and perhaps this is truly what the modern progressive honestly believes:


The real truth, of course, is that not only does business create jobs, but it is ONLY business that can create jobs.  Oh, sure, there are a gazillion government jobs.  But guess what bucko?  The payroll for all of those government jobs can only be derived by taxes.  And taxes can only be derived via commerce activity.  And commerce activity can only be derived via businesses.

Ignorance?  Political blindness?  Abject socialist philosophy?  Playing to the crowd by stirring up class envy?  Who knows where it came from?  But, regardless of its origin, the sentiment can't be more abjectly wrong, and downright stupid.

When her husband was President, his administration's motto was "it's the economy, stupid."  Now, hearing from Hillary, it sounds like that motto needs to match her belief, which is "It's stupid, the economy."

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