Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Gallup's Sexist Study on Management Effectiveness

From our friends at Gallup comes a recent study which shows "why women are better managers than men."  You see, "female managers in the U.S. exceed male managers at meeting employees' essential workplace requirements."  Hence, they're better.

What vulgar, sexist tripe.  A couple of questions for you, Gallup:

  • What, if by your measures, men were found to be "better?"  Do you even publish the data?
  • Why no study on most effective managers by race?
  • Ditto sexual orientation?
I don't think we even need an answer on these.  In fact, truth be told, the only way this study is done, let alone have its findings published, is if it reflects men in a bad light.

Nice stereotyping, Gallup.  Sexist pigs.

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