Monday, October 20, 2014

Technology and the Loss of Humanity

When's the last time you called an obscure friend?  Odds are that you do communicate, but when done it is through a social network or perhaps maybe a text.  With all of the other easier and less intimate methods of communication, why mess with something as clunky as actually talking to someone?

And this is spoken as a Gen Xer.  I'm not a digital native.  Indeed, we have an entire generation of people coming up that prefer these cursory, limited, and shallow communications.  Oh, sure, digital means have afforded many more relationships, and I've not lost the irony of this rant occurring on a blog.  However, it seems quantity has been traded for quality.

What can be done to deepen human relationships in the digital age?  I don't have answers.  But I do have a hell of a lot of Facebook friends.  

Very few of whom I'd like to call.

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