Sunday, October 19, 2014

NFL and Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I need to make a confession.  For a number of years, it has bugged me what the NFL was doing with Breast Cancer Awareness month.  It seems like everywhere one looked, there was some kind of pink thing here, or some kind of breast cancer event there, and the NFL looked like it was just doing a "me too" to take advantage of the meme.

And that is truly what I felt it was - a meme.  

I mean really.  That breast cancer stuff is everywhere.  There are so many other maladies in life - why the concentration on breast cancer?  To me, it all appeared to be overblown marketing, and the NFL appeared guilty of piling on.

And then my wife got breast cancer.

With the diagnosis has come knowledge - of the prevalence of the disease, of how many people have been impacted, and the resulting magnitude of it all.  I could not have been more wrong, and I feel like maybe I'm paying some kind of karma penalty for my narrow and incorrect opinion.

So color me wrong.  Color me a fan of what the NFL is doing.  But more than that, color me pink.

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