Sunday, March 16, 2014

Where is Flight 370, and Why Don't We Know?

The mystery and tragedy that is Flight 370 has naturally dominated news feeds for the past week.  Unfortunately, the mystery is unraveling very slowly.

It appears clear now that the plane was hijacked as someone shut off the flight transponder, shifted course, changed altitudes, and appeared to fly the plane for many hours after it was officially lost from civilian radar. That much we know for sure.  But beyond that, we know very little, and that is the most frustrating part.

I find it hard to fathom how, in 2014, with the government spying on just about damn near everything (hi, NSA!) that a flight can just "disappear," regardless of where it is on the globe.  I have to believe that we have access to military radar (either ours or other's) or satellite tracking which would tell us where the heck this plane went.  The fact that none of that information is forthcoming, especially with American lives of some of the passengers on the line, is beyond frustrating.

Thus far, the motive of the hijacker(s) is completely unknown.  Likewise, the motive of governments from not sharing what they know as well, is unknown as well.

So we wait, and we pray for the families of those on that fateful flight.   

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