Friday, March 28, 2014

Obama The Weak

In his nearly six year run as president, Barack Obama has left the US - nearly every  part of the US - in a weaker state than when he first took on the job.  What's weaker?  Let me count the ways:

  • Our foreign policy (especially given the situation with Russia)
  • Our economy
  • Our educational system
  • Our employment rates and prospects for work
  • Our citizens' dependence on government subsidy
  • Our world respect (Syria, Benghazi)
  • Our citizens' privacy (Hi, NSA!)
  • Our race relations
  • Our gender relations
  • Our political operations
  • Our healthcare system
  • Our religious freedoms
I could go on - seriously.

I can't think of one thing about the United States that is now stronger due to President Obama's leadership.  And please save the Bin Laden argument - that fell into his lap, and even an abject failure like the current occupant couldn't screw that up.

President Obama is a poor leader and a weak man, and as a result has made our country poorer and weaker.

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