Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend at Dr. Bill's 2014

I just spent the weekend with buddies during our annual trip to Dr. Bill's hunting camp in Illinois.  We've been doing this for nearly 10 years now, and it proves to be an outstanding time.  Unfortunately, things were a little more tough this year:

  • Schedules prevented many guys from attending.  We were down to just four of us this year, whereas in previous years we were north of ten, all in.
  • Snow on the ground made things very tough going.  In areas, if you broke through, you were easily up to your crotch in snow.  It made for slow going and sore muscles.
Despite the skinny crew and tough footing, we still had an awesome time.  Here is some of the evidence:

Here's Fuzzy doing nothing of particular consequence

Part of one morning's work

The Yellow Dog.  At nearly 9, she hunted like an absolute champ.  She's sore and tired now, but she performed incredibly well

Checking in at the office was necessary

Our esteemed host

Life's busy.  It is tougher than ever to make time to get together, and I appreciate these guys making the investment

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