Friday, March 14, 2014

The Most Unexpected End to a Hockey Fight, Ever

From the Canadian minor leagues come two heavyweights to duke it out, goon versus goon, just like the unwritten hockey rules dictate.

Both appear to be trained pugilists.  Both throw and weather massive shots in what was a very even match.  Then the refs step in, and then...

It just goes to show the code of the goons, and that the jobs they perform on their icy patrol aren't always personal.  They are just that - jobs.

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  1. Back in the olden days of the NHL I used to love the fighting. You can sort of see why fighting happens because hockey is the only full contact major sport played with a weapon in your hands. Going to a North Stars-Black Hawk game was an incredibly intense experience.

    But in today's hockey the fighting is just ridiculous. It seems almost to be a circus side show. These pugilists demonstrate it in this video.

    The real problem though is injuries, and not just injuries from fighting. To eliminate fighting in the NHL is a simple process. Put full face guards on all player and improve the head gear. You can't fight a plexiglass face mask. College hockey has plenty of intensity without the fighting…the NHL can do the same.


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