Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Gift of Today

While working out this morning, I was feeling really sorry for myself.  Work has been a nightmare lately, and yesterday things went from bad to worse.  I thought about what that meant for today - a day which needed to start at 7:00, and was scheduled to run through the 8:00 hour tonight, if not longer.

As I pondered the upcoming schedule, I started to dread the day.  It hadn't even started yet, but just knowing what was on my plate, the meetings that needed to be held, the garbage I'd have to deal with, and the exhaustion I'd have to endure, my day was defeating me before it had even begun.  Indeed, my anxiety on the upcoming work day was such that it impacted my work out.

I left the club early, disgusted with my upcoming day, and even more disgusted about how it had already begun.  And at that point I though about the choices I had to make.  I could choose to be beaten before I even started.  That would be easy.  However, I could also choose to look at this day for what it really is: a gift.  A gift that is not given to everyone.  A gift that is mine for the making.

So, my ugly Wednesday, I accept you for the gift that you are, and I will try to make the most of you.  

Bring it on.

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