Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Obama's Case for War

Obama's proxy John Kerry has been everywhere lately, rushing us off to war with Syria.  And make no mistakes - we're not just going to drop some bombs and have the situation over.  Syria, a heavily armed foe and one in proximity to Israel, isn't going to be a punching bag without making moves of their own.  The powder keg that is the Middle East might finally ignite this time.

Syria claims innocence in the gas attack, and has called the Obama administration's bluff and demanded proof.  In return, we've been given John Kerry, master of the platitude, waxing eloquent and definitively that the Assad regime is at fault and needs war to set them straight.  Meanwhile, we have zero allies to help us.

If the evidence is so straightforward, why are we going alone?  Why are we the only country that wants this war?  Perhaps it is because the world saw this:


This administration flat out lied to its people and the world on what happened in Libya   100% pure undiluted lie.  And the reason they did was because it was politically expedient for them to do so.

So why in the world would anyone trust the Obama administration?  They've lied about Benghazi, Fast and Furious, siccing the IRS on their political enemies, and a whole host of other transgressions.  It is obvious that our allies neither respect, nor trust, this administration.

This is of your doing, Mr. President.  And as you wade into a military "punishment" all by yourself, and as the dominoes begin to fall, let it be known that this is your war - yours and yours alone.  

Congratulations, Mr. Peace Prize winner.

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  1. How are obama's actions any different then Bush's in regards to Iraq. Both deciding to go after their own agenda with out international support and with no proof. Both are wrong and apparently it doesn't matter what part line you affiliate with, leaders adhere to their own personal interest republican or democrat. Why don't you blog about that.


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