Monday, September 23, 2013

Johnnies Upset #2 St. Thomas

I remember a day where a SJU win over the Tommies was not considered an upset.  However, times have definitely changed.  UST is a program on its ascendency, and SJU is a program in free fall.  

But sometimes there's a wrinkle in the universe, and everything turns upside down.

That's what happened last Saturday, when the Johnnies went into St. Paul and ended UST's streak of 36 consecutive regular-season games.  By forcing 5 turnovers, SJU forced St. Thomas into a position where it pretty much has to run the table to end up in the post-season.

For SJU, it is the biggest win of new coach Gary Fasching's young head coaching career.  And one to grow on, that's for sure.

Congratulations, Johnnies.  Short of your National Championship win over favored Mount Union, this is the biggest win I can remember. 

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