Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Door County

With my work schedule the way it has been lately, and with an upcoming 10 day hunting and business trip, my wife and I decided to get reacquainted to each other by spending the weekend in Door County.  The peninsula of quaint shops, restaurants, scenery lies between the bay of Green Bay and Lake Michigan proper, and, at just over an hour's drive from home, make for a very convenient short-notice vacation spot.

It does attract big money from throughout the mid-west, so you'll need to get used to seeing a lot of luxury cars and guys wearing things like berets (seriously), but there is still enough of a woodsy vibe up there to adequately combat the pretentiousness.  And just about every restaurant you poke your head into will serve up something that will be surprisingly fantastic.

While it is just an hour away from home, it is surprising how different the feel is up there.  The smell of the woods, lake, open fires, and pines provide an olfactory treat, the cool of the lake and bay give it a very up-north feel, and the sites themselves are quite beautiful.    

It is just another example of how lucky we are to live in this country, where so much beauty and peace lie just outside our back Door (County).

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