Friday, September 27, 2013

America the Beautiful

Yesterday I wrote about my crazy trip this past week.  A trip that had me in the Midwest, South, and Mountains.  A trip that had me in America's largest of cities, and in places that very few have been.  And despite this diversity, there is only one common denominator: this is a gorgeous country!

It is not just the obvious things either - yeah, it is tough to beat the majesty of the Rockies - but even in the littlest of things.  Consider the diversity of our geography, the wealth of our water and undeveloped spaces, the bounty of our agriculture, the pleasantness of our people.  Absolute wonders exist right outside our back yards, should we choose to see them.

It has been said the the urban dwellers of the coast look down on the concept of "flyover country."  I pity their ignorance.  In its own way, it is as beautiful as any other spot on the map, and far more readily available as well.

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