Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pauly's Fish, Part 2

Last year I told you about my buddy Pauly, and his triumphant return to Leech Lake for some walleye fishing

Well, he came up again this year.  Indeed, the Gang of Four were reunited, just like we had been for so many years.  We ate a bunch, drank a bunch, watched Blazing Saddles, Hunt for Red October, and Under Siege for the 48th time.  And we also fished.

Here is the team.  Given JP's grin, somebody was likely just talked about.

The first fish?  Well, that would be Pauly.  Again.  All told two walleyes were caught as the four of us fished.  Pauly caught both.

 Pauly came a long way to go fishing with us - literately and figuratively.  Judging by the smile, I'd say it was worth it.

So we conclude another gathering of the Gang of Four.  Nobody got hurt; permanently anyway, and hurt feelings don't count.  Hence, it was a success.  No, we didn't catch enough to have a fish fry.  But judging by Pauly's smile, we did catch enough.  We did indeed.

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